Procedure & Sample

Documentation procedures:

From Client’s End:

  1. Download the attached demand letter template for the respective country.
  2. Fill in all the necessary details in the designated spaces on the Demand Format.
  3. Print the demand letter on the official letterhead.
  4. The authorized signatory must provide their signature, along with the company’s seal on the letter.
  5. Obtain attestation from the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and the Nepal Embassy in the respective country.
  6. In the case of KSA, allocate E-Wakala to TEAMPRO.
  7. Courier the original documents to TEAMPRO Nepal.


  1. Upon receiving the demand, process it for registration and pre-approval.
  2. Post an advertisement in the National Newspaper.
  3. Schedule interviews for the 7th day from the date of the advertisement, adhering to Foreign Employments regulations.
  4. After the interview, submit the list of selected candidates to the Department of Foreign Employment.
  5. Obtain the visa from the client after receiving confirmation from the selected candidates.
  6. For KSA, proceed with visa stamping at the Saudi Arabian embassy located in Kathmandu.
  7. Complete all necessary documentation and procedures to obtain the Final Labor Permit.
  8. Conduct orientation and deputation for the selected candidates.